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December 05, 2010


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Thank you for addressing this issue. It is long overdue. I became aware of the grand conspiracy theories when the young people in my church made a presentation on the music industry and the new world order. After study this issue I have concluded that Adventists who embrace these conspiracy theories are unwittingly adopting the ideas of futurism. Accordingly, many are concerned about the "real id cards" and chip implants; others are leary of a new age antichrist; some believe that the there is a coming one world government and one world currency.

I simply do not understand why Adventists would embrace these ideas. Ironically, Desmond Ford sought to harmonize adventism with the three main branches of prophetic interpretation. His views were rejected. Now, conservatives within the church are taking up this mantle and attempting to harmonize futurism with historicism. I look foward to your concluding thoughts on this issue.

Thank you for your encouragement, John. Yes, there is an irony here that you point out. Some of these conspiracy theories, especially the ones that relate to the New Age movement and the United Nations, are evangelical attempts to find new identities for the little horn and anti-Christ figures of Daniel and Revelation now that they have moved away from historicism. Insofar as we buy into these theories, we are unwittingly accepting a futurist substitute for our historicist view of these figures. It shows that the extreme right and the extreme left in the church can come to similar positions for very different reasons.

Professor Miller, you stated, "a fundamental principle of both science and history is that an effect can be no bigger than its cause". You refined this principle by identifying agents that act as catalysts rather than causes. Although the scientific and historical principle of conservation energy/cause and effect identifies the interaction between kinetic and potential energy there remains the spiritual dimension of synergy that if applied to both disciplines not only produces providence but also miracles.

Well, David, I think that spiritual impacts, perhaps we can call them miracles, invoke the very large cause of God and His power. So yes, there is a spiritual dimension to reality, but it does not violate this principle, as God is the ultimate cause of all, and if he chooses to act within the natural world in a special way, whatever is caused is still smaller than God.

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