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May 14, 2010


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So then Dr. Hanna, one cannot perceive truth by the means of the mind but only with the mind of Christ that calibrates our senses to percieve the cosmos and coordinates the minds of His children to reveal a trans-cosmic perspective? Could this be the work of His Holy Spirit bringing us into harmony? I am sure you know why I like where you are going with your article:-)

I appreciate the article. I this spring classes I did a little search about the view of Hinduism about salvation, and I saw that the confusion in their soteriological formulation was due to their lack of precision in the definition of what is TRANSCEDENT and CREATION. And many of their philosophies are present today in many science cycles. In Adventism also the concept of God was fundational to the formulation of soteriology and ontology. A warining is given by EGW that ideas about God will be debated in the last days which she named the Omega Apostasy. DO you think dr Hanna that it has to be with this relation between Christ, Holy Spirit and science (evolution)??

Yes Rodrigo. For Ellen White, the climax of apostasy from Christ and the climax of faithfulness to the gospel of Christ will be connected with scientific issues. As a result, Christ-centered Christian education should be engaged with the study of advanced science as a preparation for the final proclamation of the gospel. This authentic Christian education has cosmic implications for human beings and for angels. These points are evident in the following quotation.

“The schools established among us are matters of grave responsibility; for important interests are involved. In a special manner our schools are a spectacle unto angels and to men. A knowledge of science of all kinds is power, and it is in the purpose of God that advanced science shall be taught in our schools as a preparation for the work that is to precede the closing scenes of earth's history. The truth is to go to the remotest bounds of the earth, through agents trained for the work. But while the knowledge of science is a power, the knowledge which Jesus in person come to impart to the world was the knowledge of the gospel. The light of truth was to flash its bright rays into the uttermost parts of the earth, and the acceptance or rejection of the message of God involved the eternal destiny of souls” (Christian Education, 83).

You are quite right David. “The mind of Christ” (1 Cor 2:16) is the key to the correct “spiritual evaluation of all things” (2:15).

That is a great EGW quote, Martin, about God's purpose that "advanced science shall be taught in our schools as a preparation for the work" in the last days. Presumably this involves the medical work and the scientific study necessary for that, but I can also see a role for the importance of science in the work of apologetics and evangelism, undermining the claims of purely naturalistic and materialistic science. These days, "advanced science" seems so connected with the work of undermining faith, it is refreshing to see a reminder that it can be pursued to the glory of God.

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