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April 30, 2010


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I'm glad to talk about the close relationship between the three angels message and philosophy of service ADRA.

The focus of the last message of God to our world, written in the apocalypse, is on the Worship full of human beings to their Creator. Within this final call, is the fact recognize that true worship includes fulfill the mission that Christ had to come (Luke 4:18-21). That is, worship is service to God and neighbor with all my heart.

Likewise, it is Christ's statement in Luke 11:23 "He who is not with me is against me: he that gathereth not with me scatters." That is, if my life is not fully geared to serve the needy (which is what Christ came to do), then I am not praising my Creator, as he showed in his life.

In conclusion, the whole service initiative of ADRA is received by God and worship him.

The call is to involve the church in worship the Creator through social service.


Javier Espejo
ADRA Paraguay

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
May the Lord bless you and open your heart to understand this letter. May He bring your heart to understand that the days are evil and His coming is near. May God show you that every man action, thought, deeds, plans will be judged and show you just like He showed me that if you don't repent, you will be judged with the people of the world.

May He bring the fear of God in your heart just like He brought to mine. May He bring you to the fire and test your heart so that you could be refined as silver and tried as gold so that He may bring out of you a pure heart that the Lord says Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

And may He show you that without holiness no one will see the Lord and just like He showed me that as a disciple of Christ we must walk in the Spirit, for He can only be worshiped in truth and in Spirit.

May He grant you wisdom to understand that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom that we all seek and that if you fear the Lord you will always endure to obey His commands and depart from evil for His commands are not burdensome.

May He show you that what is happening and you are seeing in the television are just birth pains to a greater judgement that is coming for the evil of the world is great that has reached up to heavens and as Jesus said that before His coming the days will be as bad as the days of flood and Sodom and Gomorrah.

Oh that He may open your eyes to see what is happening and give you a repentant heart that cries clothe my shame Lord, clothe my nakedness Lord, anoint my eyes that i may see and purify my heart that i may be refined as silver and tried as gold.

That He may open your eyes to see that these things of the world will pass, and help you remove these desires of the world that you may only see Him and not the world.

Oh May He work in your heart and remove everything that may become a barrier to His way and if possible even deny you the things of the world if they would keep you from seeing Him.

Brothers and Sisters this letter is a letter of love and May He grant you wisdom to see this.

Thank you

Brother in Christ

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